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Previous Post Gravure idol hottie Maomi Yuuki gets married. Ayana Kobayashi, gorgeous wife of Japanese comedian, makes gravure debut with semi-nude shoot. From going to work 2 hrs late and keeping everyone waiting without a single word of apology, to not being able to perform the graphic sexual acts in the manga. Voice actress Cocona Yuzuki to make adult video debut in Hurray for normal girls! When director Ninagawa showed a cut of a sex scene to some female staff, they all said that Sawajiri sucks at sex.

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Christmas cosplay street party in Shibuya has surprising lack of girls in Santa costumes.

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Erika Sawajiri Full Sex Tape

They said she looked awkward, and it took her a lot of takes in order to get the scenes right. Saturday was another big day for our favorite starlet of the moment, Erika Sawajiri. Erika Sawajiri nude with foreign man, has a gaijin interracial threesome! Normal girls actually have to exert effort to attract a man, then be fun in bed to keep him around. Erika Sawajiri is no stranger to almost shedding her clothesnot to mention acting like a spoilt and uptight bitch. Not sure about much else, but she looks damned Sometimes it seems that every TV show and every advertisement in Japan features a haafu half-Japanese, half something else person.

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