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She imagines herself moaning loudly in excitement as she bounces up and down on her brothers cock. Brian, Mia and the kids, Roman and Tej, and Ramsey. Sliding his tongue over the bud, he felt Letty's fingernails digging into the skin on his back, heard her moaning into his ear. This one time, my girl threw a dinner for us all, and the slut started jerking my cock under the table. If anything, then, his nakedness is a reminder of his sexual power. A series of one shots looking into the lives of Dom and Letty.

Dom grades Mia's boobs while she places her hands on Dom's chest.

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All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. This is the male gaze at its most literal. Then she said "I think I might of dropped something in your room". Dom says "Oh god Mis your so good at this". Their sex had always been great, mind-blowing, but married sex seemed to be even better. Now you can learn from the best. All of a sudden she gets woken up by Letty.

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