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She then said that she wanted to know what it would feel like if someone else touched her between her legs. How do they know a toy airplane is being held by a small child? My sister and I would, almost every night, touch and play with each other until we orgasmed. Leah then placed her fingers on either lip and pulled them far enough apart that we were able to see quite clearly her swollen little clit and, as she shifted forward, her little hole. If anyone makes a sound — virtually any […].

A few months of playing with my sister had taught me an almost Pavlovian association between baths and sex, so now, whenever I was getting undressed and ready for the bath my little cock was hard and wanting attention.

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I asked her to touch me and she did, reaching over and rubbing my hard little penis and balls. We silently climbed out and grabbed our towels. Both holes open for your choice. I began getting wet. I hopped into the bath and then of course, had no choice but to turn and sit facing her as she climbed in.

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