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Steven looked at me and just laughed "no you haven't done anything wrong, but I have seen you look at us" he let go of my arm and grabbed a hold of his crotch which looked so perfect in his cotton trousers. When it comes to taking advantage of straight lads, one must also be adept at taking advantage of opportunities, when presented to you. Pulling out of him, I straddled his chest, yanking off the bright red prophylactic, jacking myself as I looked at his sweet young face, slick with sweat and spit, his eyes, now a lot more focussed then they had been an hour before — think I must of fucked the intoxication out of him. He grudgingly nodded as I reached behind his head, helping myself to the pillow he was resting on, and quickly scooted down the bed, off his chest and between his long legs. Just as I was getting close to doing shooting my cum, the door flew open and Chelsea walked in. I pushed forward with my groin slightly, moving him forward an inch or so, so the head of his cock, which was poking out the end of my hand, would frequently make contact with the slick, cold window of my car.

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I prayed no one would remember me from my one attempt at stripping, which had ended with the most humiliating night of my life.

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Chav humiliation - chapter 1

The room smelt of precum. It was late on a Friday night and I'd just finished the gym. Steven asks if I want to go back to his because his parents are out and he'll give me a change of clothes I placed my head next to his ear, now with my other hand joining his mate down in the lads groin, fingering and yanking his prickly gonads at will. Throwing caution into the wind, I moved closer.

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