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Teri Hatcher wearing a pink and black teddy, revealing some nice cleavage as she sits at a laptop and watches Rebecca Creskoff trying to do a sexy housewife broadcast via webcam before Rebecca accidentally covers herself with vacuum cleaner dust.

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Ya Uh huh Ridin' 'round the city with some brand new heat Brand new car, brand new feet Brand new seats, brand new smell, put out the roach, light a brand new L Fuck you bitch, I'm actin' brand new Fuck you bitch, my shirt brand new Fuck you bitch, my shoes brand new Fuck you bitch, I'm actin' brand new I'm cold like a midnight in Aspen I am the president and the assassin Cameras, on big lights, action Welcome to the show, I am the main attraction Money in the mattress, money in the attic Money on my mind, money is my habit Stay on the grind until the money's automatic Bitch I love money I'm a fucking fanatic All day strapped grip tight, grasping Say what?

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