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Oh, my fucking God. I'd had anal sex before with Edward, playing with some toys while doing it, but this was different. He was circling his hips, rubbing their dicks together. Slowly, very slowly, I eased myself down on him, wincing at the slight pain, which quickly turned into pleasure at the feeling of him filling me tight and stretching me from the inside. I felt Edward move, as he eased himself out of me too, gently pushing me off him and onto the bed on my back.

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He quickly discarded his condom and towered over me on his knees, legs spread wide and started stroking himself with fast movements.

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We found him on the beach, preparing the boards, humming to himself. I could feel his cum trickling slowly out of me and down my thighs as I moved to the bathroom. ROUGH SEX -anal hardcore rough gagging deepthroat gag gangbang bondage forced slave compilation extreme facefucking brutal mix facefuck cumpilation compilacion pmv datenite 7 min Teen Horny Anal Sex - 3. They make my day so much better! I kept my mouth opened and my eyes half-closed, concentrating on the warmth spreading gradually throughout my whole body and on the clenching of the muscles in my stomach. The sun was shining brightly and the fresh morning air was already heating up. Oh, my fucking God.

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